Die Künstliche Mutter - eine depressive Operette (2016)




Coproduction Lucerne Festival and Gare du Nord Basel
Video: Paula Reissig


Production Gare du Nord Basel (2016)

Featuring Jeannine Hirzel, Anne-May Krüger, Christoph Waltle, Robert Koller, Rachel Braunschweig, Miriam Japp, Ensemble Phoenix Basel, Jürg Henneberger (conductor), Nils Torpus (director), Ilana Walker (sound/light), Nic Tillein (costumes), Renato Grob (stage), Francesc Prat (musical assistance), Florian Hohnhorst (executive producer)
Video: Paula Reissig, Gernot Wöltjen
Audio: Alex Buess



Die letzte Welt for Percussion and Orchestra (2018)


Christian Dierstein, percussion
Baldur Brönnimann, conductor
Basel Sinfonietta
Michel Roth, composer
Video: Sinfonietta TV

KAVALKADE for singing double bass player (2008)


Aleksander Gabryś (2018)

Kulturni centar Vojvodine Milos Crnjanski

DIE ZUNGE DES GLETSCHERS for singing double bass player (2016)


Aleksander Gabryś (2020)

from the depressive operetta "Die Künstliche Mutter"
Studioproduction with score follower


Artistic Research

Alpine Networks of Connectedness (2020-2021)

An artistic research project on rural alpine cableways funded by Swiss National Science Foundation.

In collaboration with the Uri Institute Culture of the Alps

Project Blog (with many field recordings and a research diary)


Distant Musicking (2020)

A research project about collaborative creative processes during the Corona Lockdown in spring 2020. The blog documents studies and reflections of the students of Sonic Space Basel and also gives an introduction to musical communication theory.

Making of the Radio Opera "Im Bau" (2017)

Featuring Ensemble æquatuor: Anne-May Krüger, Matthias Arter, Ingrid Karlen, Martina Brodbeck
Live-electronics: Ueli Würth
Sound engineers: Holger Stenschke, Justin Robinson
Video: Lysann König, Linus Weber

Im Bau/In the Burrow (2019)

An interactive audio experience

Web development: Hannes Barfuss

Webpage Dieter Roth Research (2014)




  • PATERA for 4 french horns and 4 percussionists (Müller & Schade 5042/2) 2003
  • verinnerung for piano trio (musiques suisses CTS-M88) 2004
  • molasse vivante for piano duo (musiques suisses CTS-M107) 2007
  • Trois Têtes de Giacometti for percussion solo (musiques suisses CTS-M121) 2009
  • PESSOA for 9 voices and ensemble (musiques suisses CTS-M120) 2009
  • Kavalkade for double bass solo (Dux 0800/0801) 2010
  • Grammont Portrait "Michel Roth"  including Mr. Kidd and Mr. Wint for ensemble, Die auf dich zurückgreifende Zeit for voices and ensemble, HOAX - Variationen für zwei Gitarren, Der Spaziergang for orchestra, Tête - Crâne for clarinet solo (musiques suisses CTS-M136) 2012
  • Räuber-Fragmente for actor, improviser, saxophone, guitar and double bass (musiques suisses CTS-M137) 2012
  • Grund for variable folk music ensemble (summerweid) 2013
  • Mondrian-Cycle: erschöpfung for string trio, verinnerung for piano trio, and verrückung (...Boogie-Woogie) for piano quartet (NEOS 11506) 2015
  • Im Bau, radio opera version (WERGO 73842) 2019
  • MOI for big ensemble, Klangforum Wien (KAIROS) 2020